Donderdag, 18 Mei 2017 18:12
Vrijdag, 01 April 2016 00:00
For ARCOmadrid’s 35th Anniversary, Truck Art Project presented a fleet of 100 trucks intervened by contemporary artists. These trucks will perform their usual trade routes across the Spanish geography. Selected trucks will…
Vrijdag, 01 Januari 2016 00:00
Samsung makes big trucks transparent in the name of road safety In Argentina, a person dies in a car accident almost every hour. 80% of those happen on roads, often…
Dinsdag, 01 December 2015 00:00
The Belgian beer producer Vedett (Duvel Moortgat) turned a concrete mixer into a beer bottle. Then the brand took it a step further. They made a ‘motel’ out of a…


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